Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seeking Medusa-Billie J. Maciunas [4]

beat the earth whores drum up the dead One /
He cannot hear empty eyes. rake the earth
agonize. speak, mothers your wombs have been
eulogized. change the fruit of your lives. decide /

terrible lies have made you blind, all but killed
the twin spark hidden in the dark brain
of chaos, whose voice is wrenched from
earthquakes. know the soft voice of comfort

is a palliative whose power is brought up
short by shock. know the demon whores who burned
in your mothers’ hearts and have gone with them
to where post partum blues depart. speak /

anarchist whores destroy the images
that identify you. she not she/ she not her
she not him/ she not here nor there. speak she not /
give your death to dogs whose night quivers

disturb not. she roam she gnash she inhabit
trees she speak windflinging groans to her own
roots. speak. withdraw your names from the expert
layout of casts. find breath in your pocket

mar the intentions that manufacture
your accessibility. draw a dictionary
of danger. veil the rocks in the path of ghosts
who have not relinquished their sacrifice

deify their vanishment and rest on the journey
to their voices that now sing namelessness

©Billie J. Maciunas

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Susan Shulman said...

Thank you Billie for your powerful contribution that resonates the agony of Medusa!