Medusa Images (Seeking Medusa Call 2011)

Caravaggio's Medusa
Versace Medusa Blue 30cm Plate

Böcklin's Medusa

Kali Artifacts (Seeking Kali Call 2010):

Mark Bloch - Kali Fun (mixed media)  Mark Bloch (31)

wonderful photo found on straits times, Feb 10, 2010-on

Heidi Klum and Seal (sorry - photographer unknown)

Jonathan Stangroom _ Kali statue... collected in Rajasthan circa 1983

Susan Shulman's Kali ring
 "This is my ring. It is from India 1970 approx.  I always wore a black onyx pinky ring with a diamond on it. My father had given me that for my 16th birthday. The band wore away with age but I kept wearing it. He passed away March 30 2008..and my ring broke in half shortly thereafter. Snapped in the back..the gold had eroded. Could not fix it. Found this ring..and decided to wear it again to perhaps reclaim my youth or gain power. Oh, that's my tale for the moment! And..wearing it since..and love it!"

Francis Van Maele sent this image he found on an old matchbox: