Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kali Medusa Project

©William Evertson, my photo in projection.

Yesterday I got cornered and verbally harassed by a really crass guy in town. It's not the first time neither. This guy made some very crude remarks about my 'breasts'. I, baffled looked down my dress thinking a button got undone and my scars are on display. Because, after the reconstruction, I'm sensitive to that. But all is clear. So I looked straight at the guy, said 'thx for that' and added in my mind 'for ure rudeness, u moron', gave him my Medusa Gaze, which stops dogs (!) in their tracks when they fiercely run towards me, carefully maneuvered passed him and walked away, still shaky.
I was still thinking over what happened as I angrily trimmed our garden hedge. I realized I actually thought I was off those guys' radar being more mature, with a scar on my neck and both breasts amputated. I must have dropped my guard somewhat. Silly cos in the mirror, I see a radiant woman. In the meanwhile I had also told my seekingkali collaborators about it. Susan Shulman suggested a blog and Bill Evertson made me the above image, thereby creating a project:
The Seeking Kali Medusa Project.
DVD projections from the back of a van.
Pictures of women and the words 'I will not be intimidated'.
An unannounced guerrilla piece.
Bill told me there are a couple of artists that do this type of guerrilla projection. There has f.i. also been some of that going up on Chinese consulates with Ai Weiwei's picture. He explained it's about driving up somewhere and projecting until police show up to get rid of the 'nuisance', rightly remarking that this kind of art-action probably addresses the 'silence' in societies (!) about this kind of harassment well ...

If my Sistahs feel spoken to: Join me in a Guerrilla Projection Raging Against Sexual Harassment. Help us make a Visual Tag to Claim our Right to Walk Freely and Safely in our Cities!
How to participate:
Send us your 15 to 20 seconds video file or jpg of your gaze, no text, no name, no photo manipulation, just your icy stare. For uniformity, standing like I am and cropped the same way. We will add the text ‘I will not be intimidated’ to it and add it to the projection loop. We will accept images&videos throughout the Summer 2011. We plan projections beginning in Fall and will document them online.

Send your images & video files to: