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The Seeking Kali Collective's limited edition "Kali" at the State Library of Victoria.
Des Crowley - Manager of Rare Printed Collections, Susan Shulman of Seeking Kali, Robert Heather - Manager of Collection Interpretation
The Kali Edition has a new home in Australia.  Seeking Kali Collective member Susan Shulman is pictured in the beautiful State Library of Victoria, located in Melbourne, Australia, presenting a copy of the limited edition to curators Des Crowley and Robert Heather.
The self titled "Kali" Edition was hand produced in a limited edition of 9 numbered copies with 3 additional Artist Proofs (AP).  The edition contains six works each by Susan Shulman (Canada), William Evertson (USA) and Ria Vanden Eynde (Belgium). The clamshell case is also handmade and lettered in goldleaf.
The Kali Collective began in 2010 as an experiment in the use of social media to produce collaborative work without the need for a defined home base. The social media platforms and blogs have been used to invite other artists into as virtual collaborative spaces and have resulted in several international projects exhibited in cities around the world.
Bringing our work to the already vibrant Melbourne art scene furthers our explorations in the artist uses of social media collaboration.  
Susan also presented the first two issues of the Kalicorp Art Mysteries graphic novel series and a copy of the KaliRay Flip Book.
Susan Shulman and Des Crowley examine the individual prints.
The State Library of Victoria is a major cultural resource of Australia and while its material that relates to Australia is second to none, the collection is international in scope.
"International in scope, the collection represents important schools, movements and genres across all of its subjects. Popular culture is strongly represented in areas such as local and international rock and popular music, film studies, photography, graphic novels and comic books from the 1920s to the present.
The international branch of the collection is built on a strong tradition of Western culture across all of the main subjects, with strengths in European and American material. This has been broadened in recent years to increase the profile of other cultures, most notably those of the Asia–Pacific region."  (From the State Library of Victoria website)
Several editions are still available through our Canadian representative The Book Collectors Library. More information on this edition is on the Seeking Kali website.


Photo by Penka Mincheva and Peter Westman, Bulgaria

Photo by Karen Aleyan - Gyumri, Armenia

Photo by Jennifer Kosarek - St. Petersburg, FL

Photo by Chelsea Leung - Hong Kong

Photo by Chelsea Leung - Hong Kong