Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kali in Hong Kong

-Seeking Kali poster seen on the streets of Hong Kong-

Thanks to Matthew Rose of the Defense D'Afficher project for tipping us off to this picture of the Seeking Equal Rights poster created for free download.  The photo, courtesy of Chelsea Leung, is taken on the streets of Hong Kong. The Defense D'Afficher project promotes posters that are available for free distribution via the internet. We created two submissions for the project in time to celebrate International Women's Day.

We encourage others to download and use the poster wherever a statement is needed concerning the lack of equity - Which includes almost everywhere. Please send your picture to our email:  seekingkali @yahoo.com for publication in the News tab of our blog and in our Facebook group.

This poster as well as our Seeking Peace poster can be downloaded from the right sidebar of this blog as well as from the Defense D'Afficher site.

Seeking Equal Rights is based on art by Ria Vanden Eynde
Seeking Peace is based on art by Susan Shulman.

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