Sunday, August 22, 2010

Abha Iyengar (13)

©AbhaIyengar_Dance with Kali


William Evertson said...

Profound image and words Abha. I'm so glad you submitted this.

Ria Vanden Eynde said...

Abha also writes in her accompanying message: The original face is not Kali but a fascinating stone form I found somewhere in the south of India. Now it becomes Kali for me. I added a few lines from one of my poems.
The lines read:
Come dance with me when the moon is full
Come dance with me when my flower is full
Come dance with me when my heart is full
Come dance with Kali

Susan Shulman said...

This is very powerful imagery. Thank you!

Abha Iyengar said...

Dear William, Ria, Susan,
Thanks very much for appreciating.

Kali is so much a part of my being, my creative force.

I am very happy that this call has been sent out all over the world.

Best wishes,