Friday, December 31, 2010

Imma Sicurezza (84)


Susan Shulman said...

Imma, Thank you so much for your sparkling KALI. Your strokes and imagery are striking leading to varied interpretations!;-)))

Imma said...

Thanks Susan...

Although in most representations of Kali predominate terrible attributes, we must never draw the wrong conclusion that she (Kali) represents only the destructive aspect of the power of God.
Kali is also a wonderful experience....... She herself is bliss and she is always the donor of this bliss.

Although it may be felt inwardly through direct experience, you can never be defined very clearly, because it defines the limit would be based on the infinite face and the similarity of the limited personality. Kali is infinite while being present in all moments in time and in all places.

ps. i'm sorry if my english isn't too correct but this concepts are not very easy to translate from italian :)